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Life is complicated and we here at Car Loan Houston have no intention of making it any harder for you, that is why we have one of the most user friendly auto loan pre-approval forms.  Once you complete the pre-approval form you will be contacted by one of our auto loan experts, who will answer all your questions and schedule an appointment with you.  All your information is confidential.

A Dodge challenger is available for you when you get your car finance.

Why Car Loan Houston?


  • Did you go through a tough Bankruptcy?
  • Have you been through a draining Divorce?
  • Has your vehicle been Repossessed?
  • Are you being harassed by creditors?
  • Have you been through a Foreclosure?
  • Have you lost your job?


Life throws everybody curve balls but all that matters is what you do next.

All these life events can affect your credit standing, but its Ok.  We are here to help you get started back on the path of reestablishing your credit.  We are here to assist you in getting an auto loan that is best suited for you and your family.  We have various financing options that require little to no down payment. Our vast network of new and used car dealers, from Toyota, Mercedes, Chevrolet, Honda, Ford, Ram and many more, make us your ideal Auto Loan specialists.

A Toyota Camry is available for you when you get your Auto finance

Car Dealers and Bad Credit Car Loans


In a big city like Houston, can you thrive without a car?  I would say no.  Not being able to move around freely can be a limiting force in every aspect of a persons life. Yet thousands of Houstonians are told “no”,  when they make efforts to get a Car Loan for a vehicle because they have bad credit. car loan Houston is here for you.  Are you finding it hard to get into a pre-owned auto In Houston? CLH is the ideal place to get approved for an auto loan if you have Bad Credit.  Most Car dealerships only have their mind on one thing, but we make sure that every aspect of your experience with us is handled with integrity and care.


To be frank, car dealers make judgments about you the second you submit your auto loan application.  Here at car loan Houston your are more than just a number, and we know your credit score does not tell the whole story.  Human beings have depth, and complex circumstances that affect our lives. We know a number does not define you and we will not treat you as such.


There is nothing wrong with reaping a reward when you provide a good service, but most car dealers are more focused on their reward rather than making sure their patrons are fully satisfied with how their auto loans are handled.  You don’t deserve to be treated like a third class citizen because you have had some financial hardships.  CLH takes into account, your financial, professional and familial state, so as to get you the best car loan available for you.  Our Houston auto loan programs are very flexible and accommodating with you and your long term goals in mind.  Our experience finance professionals will handle your auto loans with the utmost care and respect.


Car loan Houston appreciates all our patrons because we all either know somebody who is, or has experienced financial hardships, which results in bad credit.  When our friends and family members have financial issues we help them however we can.  We know all they want is to be treated fairly and respectably with regard to financial matters, so we help them get fair Auto Loans.

An Auto Loan can have a very positive impact on Your Credit Score



There are many different Credit Scores that creditors use to assess your credit worthiness such as NextGen, VantageScore, EMPIRICA and BEACON, but the most widely used Credit Score is the FICO Score.  According to, your FICO Score is calculated using 5 variables.  Payment history, Amounts owed, Length of credit history, Types of credit in use, and new credit.  I’m sure nobody told you all that when you took your first dive into the world of borrowing money and managing credit.  Most of us end up having credit issues because we did not receive adequate guidance on how to manage our credit.  In fact most of us don’t get adequate information of how to manage our finances.  Well there is no better time than the present to begin to reverse the trend in your favor.


Here are a few things you can do right now to help improve your credit score.

Set up automatic payments  Dispute errors on your credit report  Negotiate with creditors you currently owe  Get a secure credit card  Only use 30% or less of you credit card balance  Don’t close any old credit cards you have  Start paying on your outstanding loans because is reflects lower utilization of credit