How soon can I get my New Or Pre-owned car?

As soon as you get approved


Is more Information required?

Yes. Once you fill out our short and easy pre-approval form, one of our special finance experts will contact you and tell you how to submit all the required information.


What can I do to make myself more appealing  to lenders?

  • Put Money down - It lets lenders know you are vested in the credit transaction.
  • Get a co-signer - It lets lenders know others have a stake in the auto loan being repaid.
  • Choose a less expensive car
  • Check your credit report, and dispute false items.


Do I have to pay for using this service?



How much can I get approved for?

We usually secure loans than range from $4,000 - $45,000.


What events could cause one to have Bad Credit?

Bankruptcy, Divorce, Identity Theft, Repo, Medical Bills, Foreclosure, late payments, Loan defaults, unpaid legal judgments, Collections, Charge offs,Slow Credit.


Can I get an Auto Loan if I have been through a bankruptcy or foreclosure?

Yes. We specialize in helping people with bankruptcies and foreclosures secure Car Loans.


What is considered a good down payment?

A minimum of 10% - 30% of the full price of the car will be good.  A healthy down payment will make you more attractive to lenders.


What do lenders want to know about me before they approve my Car loan?

  • Current employment status
  • Duration of employment and employment stability
  • Habitation stability
  • Credit history *prior to credit altering event
  • Practicality
  • How much money are you putting down
  • Have you had a car repossessed in the past 12 months ( this does not disqualify you from getting an Auto Loan)
  • Collateral or Assets


What documents do lenders want to see before they approve my Car loan?

  • Required documents vary for every prospective buyer, but the most common required documents are listed below.
  • Drivers License
  • Paycheck Stubs  (Minimum gross monthly income of $1,500 is recommended)
  • Auto Insurance
  • Proof of Residence
  • If you’ve been through bankruptcy in the past - Valid proof of Discharge
  • If you’re in bankruptcy proceedings - Letter from creditors to insure debt